Why you need EVERY-Domain Master Data Management

Last week, a Customer Data Integration vendor (CDI) announced they were changing the name of their product to “Multi-Domain MDM Hub”, citing that “nearly half” of their customers use their product for multi-domain purposes. That means that more than half use it for only one domain. What is it that makes it so difficult for CDI and PIM (product information management) vendors to expand into other domains? Read more

Innovation in BI: Independent Vendors take the stage

The tech sector has always been a fertile playground of innovation. It’s fair to say that technologists in general are fond of the new- often irrespective of the business value it brings to the table. Tech is no different than any other sector; new ideas turn into companies that bigger firms see as a way to increase market share and lock down installed base spending; yet for years, consolidation in the software industry was not thought of simply because integrating different software programs was deemed too difficult. Read more