How to Measure Data Accuracy?

If you believe that better data quality has huge business value, and you believe the old axiom that you cannot improve something if you cannot measure it, then it follows that measuring data quality is very, very important. And it’s not a one-time exercise. Data quality should be measured regularly to establish a baseline and trend; otherwise continuous improvement wouldn’t be possible. Read more

Avoiding the Data Governance Gap

Since 1999, David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity, has developed technical and management methodologies for instituting data quality, master data management, data standards, and data governance in many different industries, including financial services, banking, insurance, health care, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and government agencies. Please note that the views of our guest bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views of Kalido. Read more

Noetix Goes Green(er) – 2010 Green Initiatives

Two years ago, Noetix formed the Noetix Green Committee to help oversee all of the recycling and waste reduction efforts at the company. Before the committee was created, only basic recycling was taking place at Noetix, which included a recycle bin at each employee’s desk for paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling. The Green Committee has since initiated many new recycling and waste reduction programs. Noetix now recycles all of its paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and glass products, as well as recycling old batteries, CFL bulbs, and plastic grocery bags. Read more

Does information management agility require new tools?

In my first blog post, I questioned whether performance and capacity was really the most important thing for data warehousing, and I suggested that agility and flexibility ought to be considered a more important topic. Some recent research from Boris Evelson and a blog post from Jim Kobielus, analysts at Forrester Research, underscore the benefits of an agile approach, both in data warehousing and business intelligence tools as well as in methodology. Read more

Why Choose Noetix? – Video

Noetix Customers share their thoughts on our company, our products, and how they think Noetix helps them in their daily jobs. Customer interviews were held on the show floor at a recent industry tradeshow and after hours at our Customer Appreciation Event. Watch Video (3:08)

Introducing Noetix Analytics

Whether your reporting needs are operational or analytical and regardless of whether you have already made BI platform investments, Noetix Analytics can accelerate your data warehouse and reporting initiatives to maximize your return on investment. Read more

How Mature is Data Governance?

Last Thursday I was interviewed by Philip Russom, a veteran data management industry analyst, during a great webinar on MDM and data governance hosted by TDWI. In a report published in 2008, Philip wrote that “software automation specifically designed for data governance is somewhat light.” He repeated the other day that there remains a dearth of purpose-built data governance solutions and asked me what will catalyze the market. My answer, in a word, is maturity. Read more

Is Data Governance 20% Technology?

Last year, I met with the data governance lead of a London-based consulting company. We had a rich and wide-ranging discussion. With considerable violence, we agreed on the need for data governance, and the best way to do it. But when I brought up Kalido software, he clammed up and said, “Data governance is about people and process. Not about technology.” Read more

EMC buys Greenplum: Right answer, wrong question

EMC announced last week they had acquired Greenplum, makers of an MPP analytic database, for an undisclosed sum. According to Dave Kellogg’s blog the valuation of Greenplum could have been as much as $300 to $400 million, and for a young startup, it is a fabulous exit and was for sure the right answer for them. Read more

We just completed a major Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and now my company needs a reporting solution. Where do I begin?

QUESTION: We just completed a major Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and now my company needs a reporting solution. Where do I begin? Read more