Data Governance is a Prerequisite for Effective MDM and Data Quality

Dave Waddington is senior vice president and co-founder of The Information Difference, an analyst firm specializing in data quality, master data management (MDM) and data governance. He is a recognized authority and practitioner in the field of data management and has advised both vendors and corporations on data management strategy and architecture. Read more

Don’t Get Caught in Data Governance Traps

I sat down to write a piece on one of the more serious and pressing topics around data governance – the challenges of adoption and organizational resistance to change.  When I did so, I got very serious and began to choose my words very carefully and solicited the feedback from several others to make sure that I got it my message right.  After several iterations, I barely recognized the piece.  Then it hit me!  I got caught in the trap.  I was chasing “quality for the sake of quality” and did not take into account the proper context and the desired outcome of the process.  How could I have made such a rookie mistake? Read more

Isn’t IT a Part of “the Business”?

In technology circles, we hear the term “the business” a lot as a way to make the distinction between business and IT. This is peculiar. Sure, IT is often a cost center playing a supporting role for the frontline functions. But Finance is a cost center, too. Is Finance really “the business”? How about Human Resources? We don’t hear HR people talk about business versus HR, do we? It appears that to IT, anything outside of IT is “the business”! Read more

Data Governance: Necessity or Nicety?

Since we announced Kalido Data Governance Director in June, we’ve seen a flurry of inbound activity. I tweeted this morning that our Lighthouse program is now oversubscribed, and could grow to as many as 20 companies this year.  We are also receiving an unprecedented number of calls from systems integrators wanting to know more and get involved as we prepare the product for the market. Read more