Summing up Kalido announcements at Teradata PARTNERS 2010

Kalido made a number of announcements at the Teradata PARTNERS 2010 Conference this week. I’ve talked to several attendees in our booth and in private meetings with industry analysts, and the response has been great! Read more

Why Do We Need Another Data Governance Maturity Model?

About a month ago, we announced the Kalido Data Governance Maturity Model. Right after that, we got an email from a concerned analyst. He asked, “Why do we need another data governance maturity model? And are you getting into the consulting business and competing with us?” Read more

How to build a business model

In my last post I included a video that gave you a tour of a business model that was already built. This post includes a new video about how to build the model from scratch, and how it relates to a specific business event that everyone can understand. This video is much more high level and gives you a better idea on how to approach building a model. Read more

Data Stewardship for Data Warehousing and Analytics

The purists’ view is: a data warehouse integrates and stores data sourced from operational systems. In other words, a data warehouse does not create new data: it only combines and repackages data created elsewhere for analysis. Read more

How to Keep the Enterprise Data Warehouse Relevant

Last week, a data architect from a large pharma asked me: “Should we build an enterprise data warehouse given that we want to harmonize business processes globally?” My first reaction was: it’s been a while since I heard anyone wanting to build a true EDW. Read more