Much Ado About Loading

Recent chatter in the data warehousing industry has again raised the topic of data loading performance. With each new version of a database used for warehousing, the vendor trumpets their performance, trying to one-up their database competitor. There can be no doubt that physical movement of data from file to database is a critical component of the load, but is it really where the bulk of the time is spent on the nightly refresh? This raises the question: what does it mean to load the warehouse? Read more

Data Governance: Chicken, Egg or Bacon?

I recently read a great blog post by Dan Power on the “chicken and egg” problem surrounding data governance. Dan does a good job of breaking it down and offering some practical advice as to how to help business owners fix the problem. He suggests gathering information on pain points, taking surveys and providing an outlet for their frustrations with the process. Read more

Elliott Company uses Noetix for Financial and Manufacturing Reporting

John Russo from Elliott Company shares how Noetix saves IT time and resources with fast, user friendly reporting and seamless upgrades. Elliott Company, a global leader in the design and manufacture of technically advanced gas compressors and steam turbines, uses Noetix for financial and manufacturing reporting.

Watch Video (1:14)

Organizational Structure Underpins Data Governance

Several years ago, I spent a wonderful week in São Paulo to help a customer answer a simple question: three data warehouses, or one? Read more