Top 2 Advise for Making Data Governance Sustainable

Establishing a data governance program is not easy: a company I talked to recently is now trying to do it again, hoping that the third time is charm. Read more

You’ve defined your data governance program, so what?

So you have a data governance program. Congratulations! Now you’re probably thinking about how you can measure the state of data governance in your enterprise moving forward. Perhaps you’ve compile a list of questions:

  • How many layers of escalation are built into the framework?
  • How many permanent council members versus virtual team members are engaged in the program?
  • What percentage of time do data stewards spend on data governance activities?

The truth is there are dozens of similar questions that can be asked to assess the state of the state, but the only one that really matters is whether the data governance program is proving its value and driving better business results. Read more

Bad data made me go digital

So, I have to admit it: Like most people, I’m a creature of habit. When I realized I was getting to the end of my trusty National® Brand 150-page lined account book (known to most people as a notebook), I fired up my browser to buy some replacements. Unfortunately, the company where we buy office supplies from carries something similar, but not identical. So I left the confines of our approved suppliers and found my product. I ordered 2, and selected 3-day shipping. Read more

Building Data Cathedrals

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I did an exceedingly rare thing for a business trip: I went sight-seeing. The top of my list was Sagrada Familia, a gigantic modern cathedral designed by eccentric Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. After standing in line for nearly an hour to get in, I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed: these touristy “must-sees” have a way of disappointing me. But that time it was different. I was blown away. Read more

I just love Lora Cecere

I confess. I just love Lora Cecere. I’ve been her client; she’s been my boss, and I call her a trusted friend and advisor. We’ve enjoyed conversations and exchanged ideas in hallways, convention centers, airports, taxi cabs, hotel bars and many restaurants across the country and gabfests by phone. One of my absolute favorite Lora moments came a couple of years ago at our old AMR Research headquarters in Boston when I stuck my head into her office and saw birthday cards on her desk. Ten minutes later, the two of us were sitting across the street in the South train station sharing a slab of cake, two coffees, a live chamber music performance and time just to sit, chat and celebrate her day. Read more