Noetix Goes Green(er)! – Continuing Green Initiatives in 2011

Noetix is proud to announce that it was recently selected for King County’s annual list of Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Reduction for the third consecutive year.

Most recently, Noetix has employed the following recycling and waste reduction efforts:

  • Noetix is in the process of implementing its own “Free-Cycle” website to allow employees to give away items they no longer need.
  • Noetix joined several new TerraCycle Recycling Brigades ( in order to recycle computer keyboards, Paper Mate pens, EXPO markers, Starbucks coffee bags, and personal care and beauty products.
  • Noetix joined Puget Sound Energy’s CFL Collection Recycling Program. Noetix now recycles employees’ used CFL bulbs.

Three years after the formation of the Noetix Green Committee, the company recycles all batteries, outdated PDAs, and cell phones. All employees are encouraged to bring in their old batteries and hand-held electronics for recycling. In fact, the battery recycling company has informed us that we’ve recycled 109 pounds of batteries during the past year!

The Noetix Green Committee continues to meet quarterly to discuss recycling and waste reduction ideas. Since its formation, the committee has launched a food composting program for proper disposal of coffee filters/grounds and food scraps. Ceramic plates and real silverware in the lunchroom have reduced the need for biodegradable plates and utensils by 50 percent.

In addition to “green” tips posted throughout the office, Noetix helps to further educate its employees through the Green Committee’s intranet page, which stresses the importance of greener lifestyles. The page provides up-to-date news about recycling and “green” events. A quarterly “green” e-mail newsletter is also sent out to all employees to remind them of the company’s recycling efforts. Noetix has also expanded its recycling efforts globally by starting a Green Committee at its office in Hyderabad, India.

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