A Retrospective: My 10 Years at Kalido

In two weeks, I will leave Kalido to take a one-year sabbatical. My wife and I together with our two children will live on a remote island in the northern part of Norway. The location admittedly is unusual. My wife is Norwegian, and we want our children to know the culture and language. Plus, we love the arctic: my wife and I met 11 years ago under the midnight sun. This is adventure! Read more

See you on Google+

Some of you may have seen I tweeted last week that I deactivated my Facebook account after learning that Facebook had uploaded all of my contact information from my iPhone. Not only does my iPhone contain my personal contacts, but my business contacts as well, over 1,500 entries.  I am incredulous that Facebook would so blatantly violate privacy; and for me this was the step too far. Read more