What is the Value of Building a Data Warehouse?

QUESTION: What is the value of building a data warehouse?

ANSWER: This is a common question, especially for customers who have used NoetixViews (sometimes for many years) to meet their reporting needs. Although real-time operational reporting is important and valuable, there are several benefits provided by a data warehouse: Read more

Developing a BI Strategy: Define Your BI Goals and Metrics

By Elliot King, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Loyola University Maryland & Founder of the Digital Media Laboratory

Business Intelligence remains high on the corporate IT agenda despite the current economic environment. In spite of the complexity of measuring the size of the BI market, analysts agree that it has been growing at a rate of at least 10 percent or more for the past three years. Read more

A Data Process is a Business Process

Businesses have long sought to optimize core business processes to ensure maximum business performance.  IT departments have supported the cause by building systems to automate many of the mechanical aspects of these processes ensuring repeatable, efficient execution of operations.  These same IT departments, however, have continued to use traditional labor-intensive methods of building many of the key components needed to support the rapidly growing and changing face of the business. Read more

Business Intelligence Offers Real Benefits – Research Study of 250 IT Professionals

By Elliot King, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Loyola University Maryland & Founder of the Digital Media Laboratory 

Implementing business intelligence infrastructures and developing a culture of analysis have been at or near the top of the IT priority list for several years now. Both CIOs and CEOs believe that having access to and analysis of data will lead to better decision-making and more efficient operations that can have a measurable impact on the bottom-line. But is that actually true? Do business intelligence applications actually deliver on their promise? Read more

ARAMARK Uniform Services Benefits from New Noetix Reporting Capabilities

Kevin Loo from ARAMARK Uniform Services shares how users benefit from new Noetix reporting capabilities by consolidating data—from the Oracle BI platform and other BI reporting tools—into a single repository.

ARAMARK Uniform Services is a division of ARAMARK, a leader in professional services, providing award-winning food services, facilities management, and uniform and career apparel to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses around the world.

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Cloud Computing News 2011: Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle’s move into cloud CRM at the end of October had business and tech media abuzz with speculation of what it means for competitors such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft. Some news outlets jumped on the bandwagon by offering up their own definitions of “The Cloud,” and still others continue to wonder if the cloud even matters? Read more

ETL for Data Warehousing is the new COBOL

I remember when I started my career in tech, many of my customers were moving away from mainframes to distributed computing for those applications that required more human involvement. As a percentage, traditional mainframe programs shrunk and the skills necessary to maintain them became scarce. I vividly recall a conversation with my customer at the time, Citibank, who shared their concern about updating a particularly important COBOL program because “the guy who wrote it is dead and the guy maintaining it is holding a gun to our head”. Read more