Accelerate your data mart migration

Today we announced an update to Kalido Information Engine version 9. One of the awesome new features is its ability to exploit existing models, taxonomies and other related assets like business glossaries to accelerate delivering on a data mart migration and consolidation. We’re seeing more and more companies begin to tackle this problem – or continue to struggle with it. As I’ve posted before, traditional approaches to building data warehouses don’t cut it anymore because they aren’t inherently agile, and that’s what’s needed to deliver fast AND be able to accommodate future needs. Read more

2012 Kickoff – Executive Q & A with Noetix CEO Morris Beton

What are the top trends you see emerging in the BI space in 2012?

As far as 2012 top BI trends go, I see the following: 1) real BI cloud innovation, 2) fake BI cloud prosperity, and 3) Microsoft making serious inroads within the BI market.

Generally, I see no major monetarily impactful trends – 99% of all the BI money made and spent will be status quo. However, when you consider that BI is the archetypal bottomless pit of ambiguous corporate expenditure, then one comes to the conclusion that if you mix BI with cloud and SaaS, then it all adds up to substantive VC money. Now that’s worth going after and it just so happens that it yields great innovation as a byproduct. As a result, I see minuscule, but real progress being made in the SaaS/Cloud-based BI space by VC-backed startups. Read more