Are data professionals enabling agility for the business?

Every few years, a word or phrase becomes so commonly used in the language of business that it loses its effect. I remember when “strategic” meant something very specific about competitive advantage. “Quality” and “customer-centric” were rally points for corporate culture. “Innovation” (after a round of “ideation” of course) would almost guarantee a slice of the investment pie. Even “differentiation” meant significant separation from the pack. Read more

Executive Q & A with Pat Roche, Vice President, Engineering Applications

Could you provide some insight on where Noetix is heading with its product strategy for the coming year?

Noetix began a transformation in late 2009 with the acquisition of the product line that became Noetix Analytics, and subsequently a major component of Noetix BI.  We have grown from a niche Oracle E-Business Suite operational reporting company to a BI solutions provider encompassing numerous BI platforms and business applications.  The data warehouses belonging to Noetix customers contain information from hundreds of data sources and Noetix reporting solutions run on nearly a dozen different BI platforms.  We provide thousands of operational and analytical models and reports.  Noetix is the cornerstone of the BI strategy for many mature companies. Read more

Ralph Hughes talks agile data warehousing with TDWI

Melissa Parrish from TDWI stopped by our Kalido booth at the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas to catch up Ralph Hughes. They chatted about some takeaways from his book “Agile Data Warehousing” and what he has planned for the future. Read more

What is Noetix’s position on Mobile BI?

QUESTION:  What is Noetix’s position on Mobile BI?

ANSWER:  Without a doubt, mobile BI is one of the hottest trends in the Business Intelligence industry.  Smart phones (led by Apple’s iPhone and Motorola’s Droid) are nearly ubiquitous; tablets (led by Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and other challengers) represent a growing market. Read more

New Whitepaper from Noetix Explores BI’s Missing Link

In all industries, stakeholders across the enterprise share a common goal: to run an effective and efficient organization. There’s no single path to success — it’s different for every company. For all of them, however, accurate information is essential. If management is not equipped with accurate (and current) information about inventory, margins, sales, pipelines, cash flow, etc., decisions are likely to be flawed. For many enterprise data systems, including Oracle® E-Business Suite, the process used to access that data can be difficult and complex.

Looking for a solution?  We invite you to follow this link to access a recently published whitepaper authored by Daryl Orts, Vice President, Engineering Technologies.

Visit Noetix at Rocky Mtn. Oracle User Group’s Training Days Conference 2/14-2/16!

On February 14-16, Noetix will be at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado for RMOUG’s Training Days Conference. This is the largest regional Oracle User Conference in North America and attracts presenters from all around the country and the globe. Read more