Noetix Analytics is a Game Changer for Invacare

Noetix customer Invacare Corporation, the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products, began a corporate-wide re-invention in 2006, including a new IT initiative which brought to light the need for a modern business intelligence (BI) system.

“When I came on board, the company was starved for information,” said David Mewes, CIO of Invacare.  “We decided we needed a good old-fashioned data warehouse, or a repository, which fit the newer model of business intelligence.” Read more

Noetix Executive to Discuss Saving Money with Business Analytics on DM Radio’s May 17 Episode

Noetix Corp., a world-class provider of business intelligence (BI) software and services for enterprise applications, today announced that Jeff Kirk, director of product management for Noetix Analytics, will be featured on this week’s DM Radio program discussing ways to streamline operations with business analytics. DM Radio broadcasts programs featuring business technology trends from the Information Management website at Read more

Executive Q & A with Doug Moore, CFO

What is the toughest part about being a CFO today?

Today, more than ever, the CFO is expected to have visibility into all aspects of the business and also to determine how deep to reach into each part of the business.  This expectation is driven from the huge amount of information that is now available to business decision-makers.  This is tough!  The level of this expectation, of course, varies by organization and even varies with changes in the leaders within the organization.  Read more

Noetix Introduces NoetixViews Workbench

Collaborate in Las Vegas was a great venue to introduce NoetixViews Workbench, a new technology platform that automates the creation and management of customizations to NoetixViews® for Oracle® E-Business Suite.  The solution was created based on feedback from customers telling us they want all of their E-Business Suite operational reports based entirely on the Noetix framework and they also wanted an easier and more cost effective way to build and maintain their customizations.  By automating what used to be a manual process, Workbench will dramatically improve quality and turnaround time for customizations, all with a lower demand for IT resources. Read more

Big, Huge, Gigantic Data

First question: What do you get when millions of humans engage with social networks, post thoughts in blogs, chat rooms, and comment fields, and tweet throughout the day?  You get BIG DATA.  And business intelligence vendors are racing to understand how to take advantage of this data in order to harness it and then transform it into useful information for business analysis. Read more

COLLABORATE 12: An Insider’s View

By Susan Welton, Sr.Manager, Marketing and Creative Services at Noetix

For those of you who did not get the chance to attend Collaborate this year, we invite you to read this entertaining, first-hand account by Noetix employee, Susan Welton. Read more

Big Data or Big Problems?

Several weeks ago I attended The Wells Fargo Tech Conference, a gathering of industry leaders and investors who get together to understand the latest trends in technology. The presenters were incredible; John Chambers of Cisco, Safra Catz of Oracle, and lots of 2nd and 3rd generation entrepreneurs. Read more

Training in the Cloud

In my last post I poked a bit of fun at the Big Data marketing hype and this week I figured, why stop there? So today’s topic is the cloud – except this post is relevant to the cloud! Read more