Data Centricity Needs Governance

Browsing though articles on Agile Data Warehousing, I just came across an article by Gavin Michael Growing the New Data Culture. The premise is that for organizations to become more data centric in their decision making process, they must not just manage data better, but must change corporate culture in order to have decision makers use that data more effectively. Read more

In a Traditional Data Warehouse, Facts Can Be Slippery

Since the beginning of data warehousing, practitioners have been comforted to know that facts—the individual business events that are quantified and measured—don’t change once recorded. That’s generally true when your warehouse is fed from a few highly reliable sources like the enterprise ERP and CRM systems; however, many warehouses rely on data sets that originate from various parts of complex organizations—or even from outside the organization altogether. Read more

Self-Service BI Back in the Spotlight

If you are a Noetix customer, you are aware that one of the key benefits of the Noetix solution is its ability to quickly transform Oracle application data into an easy to use reporting solution, enabling business professionals to create custom reports without IT assistance.  We talk with customers every day who have used Noetix software to create an environment of self-service BI that has delivered instant business answers and eliminated an overwhelming backlog of requests for IT. Read more

Noetix Analytics is the Key at KU Technologies

KU Technologies’ services are focused on delivering innovative business solutions to customers in the early childhood and school-age education and child care industries.  The company delivers a wide-range of IT services to the subsidiaries of Knowledge Universe, including KinderCare Learning Centers, serving 300,000 children across the U.S.  Their enterprise BI team is responsible for multiple products and projects that provide critical insight into financials and other operational metrics for more than 1,800 early education centers. Read more

Executive Q & A with Jan Gomez, Vice President of Professional Services

After 11 years, Jan Gomez, vice president of professional services, is retiring from Noetix.  She has been an important part of the executive management team and will be dearly missed.  We caught up with Jan before she left to ask her a few questions about her tenure at Noetix, as well as what she has planned for the next chapter in her life. Read more