The Road to Big Data is Full of Twists and Turns

One of my favorite leisure time (and therapeutic) activities is to get out on my motorcycle and tear through the mountains out here near my home in Colorado.  There is something exhilarating and calming all at once when you throw your leg over the side, crank up the engine and lean into the curves.  The sense of agility and control that comes with years (more than I care to admit) of riding, challenging my skills, learning, and refining my technique gives me the confidence to take on some of the most difficult and technical rides around, such as the famed Mt. Evans Road (highest paved road in North America). Read more

Data Management is a Business Process

I’ve been in and around the data space for over 15 years now, first with Hyperion Software helping finance departments consolidate their financial data. Hyperion understood that Consolidation was a process, not just a set of numbers. We needed to do currency conversions, inter-company eliminations, etc. to deliver a set of financials that could pass regulatory scrutiny. Read more

Two Factors for an Agile Success

Guest blogger Ralph Hughes is the chief systems architect for Ceregenics Inc. and author of the book “Agile Data Warehousing.” He is a 30-year data warehousing and business intelligence projects veteran for Fortune 500 companies. Ralph is a certified scrum master (CSM) and PMI project management professional (PMP), specializing in adapting standard software engineering practices to be more agile. Read more