New On Demand Web Seminar Available for Download – Noetix and QlikView

Noetix recently held a Web seminar, Noetix and QlikView — Discover More, introducing a joint solution with Noetix BI and QlikView.  This partnership creates a packaged BI solution for Oracle E-Business Suite with incredible richness and depth, enabling users to more effectively access their Oracle EBS application data for real-time operational reporting and data warehouse information for trending and analysis.  View this on demand Web seminar and learn how this joint solution can quickly help your users create custom reports without IT assistance.

Seven Data Words You Can’t Say…..

I was always a big fan of the late George Carlin.  There was a time when I could recite the entire “Class Clown” album during lunchtime at school (like George, I always saved my best stuff for lunchtime).   Of course, the crown jewel was the infamous “7 Dirty Words You Can’t Say on Television”.  Read more

Executive Q & A with Daryl Orts, EVP, Products & Services

What are the top three business intelligence (BI) industry developments of 2012?

The biggest trends in the BI industry are the increased importance of:

  • Cloud Computing – (and related technologies) – Businesses are increasingly moving away from “on premise” technologies toward other offerings, including SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), and IaaS (infrastructure as a service).  While there are arguments about what the term “cloud” means (and various levels of purity in that definition), there’s no disagreement that the transition to these services is on the rise.  Those changes are showing up in the offerings from all major BI vendors.
  • Mobile BI – Two major drivers – smart phones (especially iPhone and Android) and tablets (primarily iPads) – are moving businesses toward mobile.  With BI, business users are no longer content with delayed information and want increasing interactivity (and analysis capabilities) with the data they access through their mobile devices.
  • Big Data – Like “cloud computing”, Big Data is a term that elicits some debate about what it actually means.  Generally accepted definitions focus on massively large datasets, usually with both structured data (like databases and spreadsheets) and unstructured data (like Word documents, PDF files, and text streams).  Big Data creates new challenges in acquiring that data, organizing and storing it, as well as analyzing it; pushing traditional database, storage, and analytic technologies beyond their limits.

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Survey Results on ETL-Based Data Warehouses

During 2012 we have been surveying TDWI World Conference attendees about their data warehousing investments. We wanted to know their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics, ranging from whether they felt like IT and “the business” are on the same page in terms of keeping the warehouse up to date with the latest requirements, how long it takes to keep the warehouse current, and how many resources they expended on supporting their environment. We’ve received a little over 400 responses from events in Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego and Boston. Read more