Of course Big Data will change the “Traditional” Data Warehouse

I derive great enjoyment from reading the blogs, comments and tweets about whether or not Big Data will replace the Data Warehouse. But as with most predictions, I believe there is a half-truth hidden therein…  The momentum around Big Data is forcing organizations to re-evaluate their investments in data management and there can be no doubt that many Data Warehouses haven’t delivered close to their anticipated ROI. On the other hand, Big Data technologies are still at the early stage of the adoption curve and most organizations are not “betting the bank” on them yet. Read more

Data Quality & User Overrides: Shut Up and Take My Money!

Last Tuesday a data quality vendor put out a blog post “Companies need to be educated on data quality” that essentially said that companies need to be educated in data management.    Read more

New Year’s Resolutions: What you can do to make BI better in 2013

Now that we’re in January, information management industry media and analysts are done with their recaps, predictions, and forecasts and have moved on to some resolutions for 2013.  Following are a few of our favorites… and don’t worry, not one mentions a diet. Read more

Executive Q & A with Joe Pesce, General Manager, Sales East & EMEA

We recently caught up with Joe Pesce, General Manager, Sales East & EMEA, and asked him a few questions about the new year, as well as what he thinks drives decisions in today’s BI market.  Joe has more than 27 years of IT industry experience, with sixteen years of selling ERP Applications and BI solutions.  In addition, he has built the Federal practice within Noetix. Read more

FANUC FA America Makes Informed Decisions with Noetix

Headquartered in Chicago with over 43 locations in the Americas, FANUC FA America is a wholly owned subsidiary of FANUC CORPORATION, the world’s leading supplier of intelligent factory automation systems and CNC technology. Read more

Ventana Research Report Reveals Business Analytics the Top Technology for Optimizing IT

To mark its 10th year in business, Ventana Research has released what it calls its “most ambitious benchmark research undertaking ever.”  The new report, titled Business Technology Innovation, identifies six key areas that show promise to become critical differentiators for improvement in business performance and processes.  The six areas are as follows: Big Data; Business Analytics; Social Media; Mobile Technology; Business Collaboration; and Cloud Computing. Read more


I’ve been kicking around an idea, but have been struggling to get the words right. Then a spark of inspiration came when reading a blog by Steve Miller, “Big Data Isn’t Like Every Other IT Project”. Read more

Are You Agile Enough for Big Data?

What happens if your Big Data analysis project tells you that your strategy for approaching the market is wrong?  What if sentiment analysis of the tweet stream reveals that your latest product bundling is missing the mark?  Can you react? Can you adjust in time to take advantage of these insights?  In short, is your company agile enough to take advantage of what you might uncover? Read more