Tune in to Hear Noetix Brief the Analysts on The Briefing Room

Noetix is excited to be appearing on this week’s episode of The Briefing Room – a live Web show focused on the how and why of today’s enterprise software products.  Each session features an innovative vendor who gives a detailed technical presentation, followed by a respected analyst who offers industry insights and then conducts a live, unscripted briefing. Read more

Executive Q & A with Thomas Casselberry, Sr. Director, Product Development

As the senior director for product development at Noetix, where do you see opportunities for innovation within BI products?

The biggest areas in which I see opportunities for innovation are: Broader and better support for heterogeneous data sources, embracing the mobile user base regardless of on-premise or cloud-based deployment, more predictive analytics that are geared toward real-time decision making, addressing the ever growing need to include social media, and even making devices we use and rely on today smarter through the use of BI. Imagine appliances that are semi-self aware and can inform you of pending maintenance and provide information about how they’re used, cars that can let you know of upcoming traffic, adverse road conditions, impending storms, etc. And even toys that will interact with and help educate our children in real-time. The primary point is that we’re headed for another information explosion where even the everyday users of systems will be provided with, and the beneficiaries of, analytics done across vast pockets of information. The innovations surrounding the use of what’s called ‘Big Data’ today are small and will pale in comparison to the many innovations in the areas that I’ve listed. Rest assured that every innovation we see between now and then will itself lead to even more opportunities. It’s an exciting time to be in the BI space. Read more

Noetix Introduces Noetix Generator for QlikView

Noetix has introduced Noetix Generator for QlikView, a solution that automates and greatly simplifies the process of setting up QlikView to access the data structures within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Read more

Noetix at COLLABORATE 13 – Day 3 Highlights

COLLABORATE 13 Day 2 was certainly an interesting one – hopefully everyone is staying warm!  Here we are on Day 3 already – the show has sure gone by in a flash.  Be sure to visit Noetix in booth #909 today for your final chances to win thousands of dollars in prizes!  While you are there, check out some cool new things that we’ve been working on, including Noetix Generator for QlikView, Noetix BI, and NoetixViews Workbench. Read more

Noetix at COLLABORATE 13 – Day 2 Highlights

COLLABORATE 13 Day 1 was a success! Last night was OAUG’s Welcome Reception in the Exhibitor Showcase. We had a flood of people and gave away lots of our cool USB pens! Be sure to visit Noetix in booth #909 for more chances to win thousands of dollars in prizes! Read more

Noetix at COLLABORATE 13 – Day 1 Highlights

COLLABORATE 13 is here!  Last night OAUG kicked off the event with their Night at the Museum Welcome Reception.  We had a blast, and that was just the beginning.  We have a lot of great things planned for the week, so check back each day to find out what’s new.  Be sure to visit Noetix in booth #909 for several chances to win thousands of dollars in prizes! Read more

Does the Corner Office Value Data Science (or scientists)?

Data scientists are touted in analytics circles as the jet jockeys of information management. But as Big Data evolves, do the people at the very top of the org charts even recognize their importance? A recent survey seems to say maybe not. Read more