A Good Data Warehouse Starts with a Firm Foundation

This seems so obvious that it hardly warrants mentioning, right? So why have I visited so many companies over my career where data marts, or even entire warehouses, were built using reference data from multiple sources where the data integration is ad-hoc and hardwired? Read more

King County Lists Noetix as a Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction

BWP-honor-roll-2013_190x220Noetix has been selected for King County’s annual list of Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Reduction for the fifth consecutive year.  King County’s Solid Waste Division initiated the list seven years ago to recognize businesses for strong internal recycling programs and for their commitment to making recycling a priority for their companies. Read more

Iterative (and Incremental) Warehouse Development

We have often discussed the concept of using an iterative methodology when constructing a data warehouse, and have detailed the benefits of such an approach: better alignment with business needs, faster delivery of results, better return on the investment and overall lower development costs, just to name a few. However, it is also important to understand how iterative methodology can support the not only the initial delivery, but also the ongoing extension and enhancement of the warehouse. I like to call this an “Incremental Methodology.” Read more

Executive Q & A with Noetix President Doug Moore

We caught up with Noetix President Doug Moore after the recent acquisition to get his thoughts…

Why did Noetix agree to be acquired by Silverback?

As Noetix starts its 20th year in business, the last 12 years with venture capital investors, an exciting new chapter begins with Silverback ownership and the vision to see our unique solutions reach their full potential in the market.  Silverback is a well-financed business with expertise in acquiring and growing industry leading software companies.  From my early discussions with them, I was excited that this acquisition would propel Noetix forward in its growth strategy while maintaining its focus on the current core business. Read more