100 Year Old Tool Manufacturer Transforms BI Environment With Help from Noetix

The L.S. Starrett Company was founded in 1880 to manufacture the combination square product invented by founder Laroy S. Starrett in 1877.  In August 2009, the company began an ERP upgrade from Oracle Applications 10.7 to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (R12).  IT recognized the opportunity to overhaul the reporting infrastructure and transform and standardize the business intelligence environment.  They hoped to accelerate the reporting process by significantly reducing the time to delivery and by training key end users to generate their own reports. Read more

Noetix Offers Free Trial Edition — NoetixViews for Oracle Release 12 Subledger Accounting

We invite you to experience a free 30-day trial of NoetixViews!

The growing adoption of Release 12 (R12) has created huge demand for better management and operational financial reporting for Subledger Accounting (SLA).  SLA is the clearinghouse for all financial data in R12, yet Oracle’s out of the box reports are insufficient to meet users’ needs.  Financial account analysis, audit, and reconciliation processes all demand better SLA reporting and Noetix overcomes this gap by helping users to more fully leverage the value of their financial data in SLA. Read more

Where’s My Magic Quadrant?

When I got involved with Kalido over 15 years ago, we had big plans to change the world of data warehousing, and we still do.  However, one frustration we’ve had over the years is recognition from the major analyst firms that how we build data warehouses is fundamentally different and merits a “Quadrant” or “Wave” of our own.  In a nutshell, we think that the old way of building models with ER modeling tools, having DBAs create physical tables from those models, and then hardcoding the population of those tables with an ETL tool can never allow a business to be as agile as they need to be. Read more

Dear Data Scientist: Your Data Warehouse Is Blurring Your Vision

Look at the blurry image. If I gave you until the end of the day, could you tell me what it is? The patterns in the data tell you that “something” is there, but what? Iteratively increasing the pixels in the field of interest—resolution–brings those patterns into focus. Each iteration makes it clearer. Read more

Estimate the Financial Impact of Improving Working Capital Performance with Noetix’s New Calculator

Net working capital is a measure of the amount of operating capital that is tied up in current assets including receivables and inventories, less current liabilities such as accounts payable.  Companies that dominate their industries minimize the amount of working capital needed to support the ongoing day-to-day operations of their business.  Minimizing working capital frees up cash to invest in high-growth initiatives while maximizing the return on working capital from existing business operations. Read more

Tech Media Weigh in on Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Oracle OpenWorldNoetix has been exhibiting at Oracle OpenWorld for over a decade and we continue to get tremendous value from seeing our customers and meeting new prospects at this conference. It was another great show for Noetix and now we get the chance to sit back and read what the press thought of Oracle’s performance. Here are some highlights. Read more