A Higher Standard of Information

Kalido is the leading provider of agile information management software. Kalido enables companies to manage data as a shared enterprise asset by supporting the business process of data management. Unlike traditional approaches which treat the symptoms of bad data, Kalido targets the root cause by keeping bad data from infecting the business environment. The outcome is better data to improve business performance

Our Story

Kalido was formed in 1997 by a team of IT professionals at Royal Dutch Shell who were challenged to deliver a new way of transforming data into information. The team developed the core technology of the Kalido Information Engine.  In 2003, the company was taken private with investments from Atlas Venture and Benchmark Capital.

Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with offices in the US, London and India, Kalido continues to deliver value for customers around the world. Kalido customers have won numerous awards from well-known organizations including CIO magazine, The Data Warehouse Institute, Ventana Research, among others. Kalido’s technology is patented in both the United States and Europe.