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Iterative (and Incremental) Warehouse Development

We have often discussed the concept of using an iterative methodology when constructing a data warehouse, and have detailed the benefits of such an approach: better alignment with business needs, faster delivery of results, better return on the investment and overall lower development costs, just to name a few. However, it is also important to […]

Building an Agile Data Warehouse – Part 2

If you accept the concepts of Agile Data Warehousing you quickly will discover that the traditional toolset (modeling tools, ETL tools, etc.) bring little to the table to advance an agile methodology.  As we saw in part one, acquiring a pre-built model can help focus some of the requirements gathering, but it does little to […]

Who owns YOUR data?

Implementing an effective Master Data Governance solution can be tough…you have to deal with corporate culture, getting management support, formulation policies, implementing rules and much more. However, a less commonly addressed question is: “Who will own the governed data?”