This Post Is Not About Big Data

Big Data is clearly the buzzword du jour in the information management space right now. I read a great article by Jim Ericson a few days ago where he talked about the hype around big data and how vendors, consultants and analysts have glommed on to (my word) the term and its pervasiveness in all topics information management. Read more

Lost in Translation

Recently, I wrote about treating a data process as the business process that it truly is.  The premise was that we must look at data management processes in a more structured way.  By spotting repeatable patterns and looking for opportunities to automate some of the mechanical aspects of the process, we can create opportunities to optimize process and improve performance. Read more

A Data Process is a Business Process

Businesses have long sought to optimize core business processes to ensure maximum business performance.  IT departments have supported the cause by building systems to automate many of the mechanical aspects of these processes ensuring repeatable, efficient execution of operations.  These same IT departments, however, have continued to use traditional labor-intensive methods of building many of the key components needed to support the rapidly growing and changing face of the business. Read more

See you on Google+

Some of you may have seen I tweeted last week that I deactivated my Facebook account after learning that Facebook had uploaded all of my contact information from my iPhone. Not only does my iPhone contain my personal contacts, but my business contacts as well, over 1,500 entries.  I am incredulous that Facebook would so blatantly violate privacy; and for me this was the step too far. Read more

Is Data Quality Dead?

At the Gartner MDM Summit this spring, Ted Friedman pronounced that the Data Quality Magic Quadrant would probably disappear soon. (I’m sure an analyst of Ted’s caliber will find a new Magic Quadrant to own.) Recently, I was on the panel of the TDWI MDM/Data Governance/DQ Super Webinar. Another panelist and a respected figure in data management expressed a similar sentiment. Is data quality dead? Read more