Data Management Discontent: Do You Need To Change Your Platform?

Today I was alerted to another interesting blog post, Data management discontent: Time for change. Evidently a yet-to-be published study by IDG and sponsored by SAP indicates that companies surveyed are so unhappy with their current data management platform that 49% report plans to evaluate new data management approaches and solutions within the next 24 months. Read more

Are you even (nearly) ready for Big Data?

Big Data.  What is it? Those of us who have helped organizations improve competitiveness through more effective use of information know that most data has value. The trick is in defining that value, determining how best to get at it and then executing a process to extract it. Every few years it seems we have to create a rally point for more focus on just how impactful information is, and for the past several that rally point is Big Data. If you believe what you read and hear, it can be pretty much anything you want it to be. But there is at least one shred of truth in what we call it; it is BIG. Read more

This Post Is Not About Big Data

Big Data is clearly the buzzword du jour in the information management space right now. I read a great article by Jim Ericson a few days ago where he talked about the hype around big data and how vendors, consultants and analysts have glommed on to (my word) the term and its pervasiveness in all topics information management. Read more

Don’t Boil the Data Governance Ocean

In a recent blog post, a Forrester analyst suggested that organizations should create a combined program for “information governance” that would cover governing both data and content. The premise is that there should be enough common ground and similarities in the two governance programs such that organizations can create “an information governance framework that will address both their structured and unstructured information [which] requires that the appropriate IT and business roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and that stakeholders from both IT and business are in agreement with the design and implementation efforts for an effective information governance strategy.” Read more

Get it Done, Right, the First Time (or at least from now on)

I recently read a great blog by Aaron Zornes, “Go Governance, Go Early”, in which Aaron called out the need for the discipline of a Master Data Governance to coincide with the deployment of an MDM solution. I couldn’t agree more! Read more

ETL for Data Warehousing is the new COBOL

I remember when I started my career in tech, many of my customers were moving away from mainframes to distributed computing for those applications that required more human involvement. As a percentage, traditional mainframe programs shrunk and the skills necessary to maintain them became scarce. I vividly recall a conversation with my customer at the time, Citibank, who shared their concern about updating a particularly important COBOL program because “the guy who wrote it is dead and the guy maintaining it is holding a gun to our head”. Read more

Bad data made me go digital

So, I have to admit it: Like most people, I’m a creature of habit. When I realized I was getting to the end of my trusty National® Brand 150-page lined account book (known to most people as a notebook), I fired up my browser to buy some replacements. Unfortunately, the company where we buy office supplies from carries something similar, but not identical. So I left the confines of our approved suppliers and found my product. I ordered 2, and selected 3-day shipping. Read more

How effective is your data governance program

In this, the conclusion of my blog series on “Measuring data governance programs,” I’ll be exploring the need to measure data governance process performance and techniques you can use to ensure that those processes are operating optimally. Read more

Forget Multi-Domain; Integrated Master Data Is the Prize

Over just a couple of short years, every MDM product in the universe has become multi-domain, the enterprise software edition of Extreme Makeover. Let’s not even get into data governance…