Data Management is a Business Process

I’ve been in and around the data space for over 15 years now, first with Hyperion Software helping finance departments consolidate their financial data. Hyperion understood that Consolidation was a process, not just a set of numbers. We needed to do currency conversions, inter-company eliminations, etc. to deliver a set of financials that could pass regulatory scrutiny. Read more

Minding your P’s and Q’s (Process and Quality)

Yesterday, I was reviewing some new work by the Kalido team around our Data Governance product; the effort is focused on bringing to the forefront both data quality and process quality in order to improve business performance.  It’s impressive because for the first time I can see how my data quality directly impacts the steps in the business process. What’s even more impressive is I can show what happens to my business process when I improve data quality. That directly correlates to business process efficiency and gives the business process owner the ability to target specific process steps or data sources. Read more

I just love Lora Cecere

I confess. I just love Lora Cecere. I’ve been her client; she’s been my boss, and I call her a trusted friend and advisor. We’ve enjoyed conversations and exchanged ideas in hallways, convention centers, airports, taxi cabs, hotel bars and many restaurants across the country and gabfests by phone. One of my absolute favorite Lora moments came a couple of years ago at our old AMR Research headquarters in Boston when I stuck my head into her office and saw birthday cards on her desk. Ten minutes later, the two of us were sitting across the street in the South train station sharing a slab of cake, two coffees, a live chamber music performance and time just to sit, chat and celebrate her day. Read more

Impact of Data Governance on Business Performance

I’ll be continuing the discussion started in my post Measuring data governance programs in which I highlighted four distinct categories of measurement that apply to data governance programs: level of policy compliance, level of data quality, impact on business performance, and performance of data governance processes. Driving the greatest return on the investment in data governance is dependent on transparency and ongoing assessment of its impact across these dimensions. Read more

Business predictability from an ant’s viewpoint

“Been days when it pleased me,
To be on my knees…
Following ants as they crawled across the ground.”
–Willie Nelson

As does Willie Nelson, I live in Texas. For all I know, fire ants might be our state insect. But I sort of hate them. From Houston to Dallas, San Antonio to El Paso they are pretty much everywhere, and I have rarely escaped encounters with them without suffering a round of painful stings. Hence their name. I really do hate them. But I just can’t help but watch them. Read more

A Tale of Two Bens

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.

– Benjamin Disraeli

By way of introduction, I should probably tell you that plowing through information gets me sort of excited.  My wife will tell you that this is not normal. Maybe it’s a mutated gene that all analysts have.  The only thing that might get me salivating even more is a really well-defined and documented process. My wife will tell you that this goes beyond not being normal and crosses into the realm of wonkish-ness. Show me something that puts information and process in harmony and you may see me go into some dervish like frenzy.  Now you have the reason I got so excited with Kalido that I had to come be a part of it.  Thankfully she doesn’t find that weird at all. Read more

Measuring data governance programs

Assessing the impact of any program or initiative requires measurement of outcomes to determine progress toward objectives.  While this may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious, we have to ask ourselves “what is the desired outcome that we want to achieve” before we can decide what to measure and how to measure it.  This is especially true in regard to data governance programs.  When we think about measuring the effectiveness of data governance programs, we can think about it across multiple dimensions. Each of these dimensions provides insight into a different aspect of the enterprise that the program touches. Read more

Data Governance: Chicken, Egg or Bacon?

I recently read a great blog post by Dan Power on the “chicken and egg” problem surrounding data governance. Dan does a good job of breaking it down and offering some practical advice as to how to help business owners fix the problem. He suggests gathering information on pain points, taking surveys and providing an outlet for their frustrations with the process. Read more

Send in the Yellow Jerseys: Organizing for Data Governance

Data governance  institutes a system of accountability when it comes to an organization’s most important data assets. Data providers have an obligation to meet the needs of data consumers when the benefit outweighs the cost. Because this obligation exists across the organization despite functional or geographic distinctions, we have to start with the right organizational structure. Read more