The Road to Data Governance Maturity: Where Are We?

Yesterday, we released a comprehensive report analyzing “The State of Data Governance Maturity.” Based on results from more than 200 people who have taken Kalido’s Data Governance Maturity Assessment, the report highlights the issues we find hindering the success of data governance programs. We’ve grouped those issues under three headlines. Read more

Data Governance Maturity? Or Immaturity?

This autumn, we launched an online tool for assessing data governance maturity. Based on our Data Governance Maturity Model, we wanted to provide a means for people to determine how their organization ranks in terms of the business process for defining, implementing and enforcing data policies. We broke it out into people, process, technology and overall maturity so that companies can understand where they stand and pinpoint where they may be lagging behind.  We never intended for the tool to be a formal survey, but since approximately 100 companies have taken it to date, we’ve collected a good amount of data. Let’s take a peek! Read more

Why Do We Need Another Data Governance Maturity Model?

About a month ago, we announced the Kalido Data Governance Maturity Model. Right after that, we got an email from a concerned analyst. He asked, “Why do we need another data governance maturity model? And are you getting into the consulting business and competing with us?” Read more